Chennai hot actress Trisha has recently got a offer,this is not a simple offer ,Trisha has said that we must be lucky enough to get such offer,and when this hot girl was offered such an offer she said that she cant do such type of role and lifted her hands,so u want to know what the role is and why she rejected...This sexy beauty has debuted with 'Varsham' and got lots of craze not with her beauty bu for her performance and she was expecting to get a performance oriented role and when she is offered such role she is not interested to do so,She is waiting for a character to prove her as an actress,The hot actress who is topping in tamil and telugu has liked the 'Vedam' movie,she liked the role played by Anushka as amalapuram saroja and now when she go a chance to act as sex worker she is saying a big no to that,she says that in order to do a prostitute role she needs experience and as she is not having experience she is rejecting the role,she says that when i get experience along with maturity then i will surley do prostitute role,In acting wise Trisha is senior to Anushka and may be she might be fearing that if she accepts to do the role then audience may compare with anushka...


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