Genelia graces the cover of Vogue Magazine of December issue .She looks dazzling on the cover page.On the cover page u can have a look written as There's something about Genelia 8 secret beauty spots you can't ignore...Let's Party ! choose your party look: Lady or vamp,Metallics or sequins,Long or short.It also Revealed the beauty secrets of Penelope Cruz.Inside Fashions Night Out: The stars,the shopping,the stampede !...Cover story of almost famous Genelia D'Souza is busy being a movie star.But for Vogue,she took a break to jam with the other people."I never expected to be in this profession.I was the kind of girl playing football and basketball".It also features Vogue Shops: It's party time ! and they bring you looks from the '70s,metallics and sequins,high-streer party essentials and statement party make-up.Plus the season's hottest trends-leather,military,carnel coats,coloured-stone jewellery,diamond watches-and the biker look for your man.

Here u can see her in Embellished jacket,tank top,shorts,'Cannes' glitter stilettos,"hidden' chain and amethyst necklace,small cone necklace

Here u can see this glam doll in Chiffon dress,jewel-encrusted suede boots,studded leather cuffs,python-leather printed fingerless gloves.

This hot actress is dressed up in Silk-wool and silk-mesh dress,body silk shorts,'Cavallere' leather boots.'In deep' mini shark jaw pendant,Leather and python fingerless glove with studs.


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