These days we can see many of the actors, heros, celebrities, stars in ads rather than in films and when we ask them the reason they reply politely saying thas "As we are celebrities they offer us to be their brand ambassador" , not only young heros we have senior more actors as brand ambassador present among all the celebrities tollywood Prince Mahesh babu is on the top with lot many in his hand ,he is given a title as the Top Celebrity Hero for ads he is doing and accepted to be Brand Ambassador for Thums-up,Amruthanjan,Provogue,Universe cell ,Ram charan is the brand ambassador of Airtel and Pepsi,Allu arjun is the model for 7 up ad,Recently Nagarjuna has accepted to be the model for Kalyan jwellers,and Venky is the brand ambassador for mannapuram finance,Handsome hero Sidharth has accepted Peter England mens wear,In bollywood almost all the heros are brand ambassador of some company or the other,and in kollywood heros like Surya and Madhavan have turned into celebrity models,and now even tollywood heros are showing interest on side income,So all the wood hero actors are eyeing on side income..


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