while she might be popularly known for her sexy figure ,bollywood leading beauty Priyanka Chopra definetly knows to impress the audience as well as the directors with her acting skills .Reports are to be belived that the actress is to play the role of prostitute and not that of a nurse in Karan Johar's next 'Agneepath'.Looks like making an appearance on chat show Koffee with Karan did all the magic .KJ seems to have spotted the perfect role in Priyanka with a role of Prostitute in its 'Agneepath' remake .Priyanka was seen playing romantic incline of Hrithik Roshan who plays the character of Vijay Denanath Chauhan .Interestingly Priynaka's character will be called Kali in the film.Sources reveal that the director claim that Karan wanted to cast some one who is dark and dusky as the character called kali,thats when he taught of Priyanka,how ever all the deatils of the film were kept under racks and no one is allowed to speak about the film until it goes on the floors ,any way given the fact that Priyanka does justice to each and every role of hers,this time too it would be certainly something to watch out for


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