The press in the South is claiming that Asin tied the knot with Salman Khan earlier this week in the presence of close friends.According to these reports her parents weren't invited and stormed into the wedding mid way and tried to stop it.Too bad.... it was only in a movie Aneej Bhajmi's 'Ready',But Salman cannot stop joking about the Solomon occasion .The news of Asin's wedding has reached her native place Kerela ,when a local paper announced Asin's marriage with Salman with photographic evidence,the actress was flooded with congratulatory messages with her fans and relatives ,wondering y she choosed to marry with out inviting near and dear ones.How ever Asin laughs and clears the confusion,"U know im quite enjoying the joke about my wedding ".Infact both Asin and Salman have decided they will get married in Punjabi Style if and when it happens ..its a packed....


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