Bollywood's colored eye beauty Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is quite worried these days!! Rumor has it that the lady is regretting her past decision. Her decision to say a big 'No' to the Barbie makers!!!Well not many people know that before Katrinakaif was offered the chance to get Barbie modelled on her it was Ash who was first choice for the manufacturers .Pretty confident on her work back then the actress declined the offer .Ok, Ash we know that u r a busy artist but how can u miss such a golden opportunity .The year 2010 seems to be a bad year for Aishwarya rai because her three flop films Ravaan with Abhishek bachan,Guzarrish with Hrithik Roshan and Action replay with Akshay kumar.Its simply a disaster for Aishwarya rai at the box office.Only a single hit in the run the Robot was a hit but she was not credited because it was Rajnikanth movie.So needs to think about the scripts she is choosing,but even age by not her side it seems the table have turned for Ash,sources claim that Aishwarya Rai is regrating her decision on having taking up the offer.Ash darling we know how guilty u must be feeling but even isn't it too late for you honey!


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