Sneha Ullal is looking gorgeous with all the jewelery on her u can see in the pictures she is so happy and also showing us what she has worn,She has worn emerald earrings which are simple and stylish,she has worn different types of gold necklace,diamond necklace and also a long gold chain,with emerald hanging,u can look at her fingers where in she has worn 2 rings one with white diamond and other is and emerald in the middle with stones over it.She has also worn heavy Vaddanam which consists of Goddess Lakshmi on it,She has also worn armlet which is the latest design and which consists of red white and green stones with even thin gold chain hanging its fantastic and u can also have a look at her hand once u will observe a good designer bangle Bracelet which consisting of white stones on it.she is really traditional here in these stills,do have a look at this traditional designer jewelery beauty...


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