"Its not important that with which hero we have acted,the success of the films are important and then the future offers are important".this is the formula followed by tollywood 4 heroines Richa Gangopadhyay,Praneetha,Tapsee,Deeksha seth.With the lucy hand director Shekar kammula's film 'Leader' Richa had made her debut in tollywood,She has got ok marks with her first film and she is known as the tollywood Priyanka chopra,after then she has got offers like in 'Mirapakaya' with Raviteja and in 'Nagavalli' with victory venkatesh,And now she has kept lot of hopes on 'Mirpakaya'.Deeksha seh had made her debut in telugu with th film 'Vedam' this was mulltistarrer movie and in this film she was paired besides alluarjun ,even though she appeared in one song and not more than 4 scenes she attracted the film makers with swimsuit and small skirts,She is waiting for a true success,This glamour beauty is at present acting in 'Mirapakaya' along with Richa.Praneetha is the heroine who hs got chance to act beside sidharth in 'Bava' before her first movie 'em pillo em pillado',She has got a good photogenic face and she has done glamourous role in the first film itself ,with 'Bava' she is waiting for offers in tollywood.Tapsee is the heroine introduced to film industry by the director Raghavender rao,She has go star image before the release of 'Jummandhi nadam' and she was paired with prabas before her first film release and after release she is paired with Raviteja,even though her first fim was an verage movie with her beautifull face she has got many offers and got the place as star heroine.So let us wish the 4 beauties who are waiting for hits and who want to get crazy day by day.


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