Previously there was a tough compitition between south spicy babes Anushka,Kajal Agarwal and Samantha.And when the results were out we came to know that Anushka was on the top based on her renumeration as her film 'Khaleja' was an average film and the top actress position was given to Kajal since her previous film along with 'Brindavanam' was a huge hit film.Now again we have same compitition but this time its between Anushka setty, Priyamani and Richa Gangopadhyay. In This month December each of the three heroines are having two to three back to back releases.Coming to Bommali she is having two films with 2 top heros,one among them is with Victory venkatesh in 'Nagavalli' and the other is with Nagarjuna in 'Ragada'.and The hot actress Priyamani is also having 3 films ,Firstly, the violent ‘Rakta Charitra 2’ is reaching the theaters. Priyamani will be seen in a real-life role in this film. She is portraying the role of Maddelacheruvu Suri’s wife Gangula Bhanumathi.

Next to this, the actress has ‘Ragada’ which is out and out mass entertainer. Priyamani’s character in the film is ‘Ashta Lakshmi’which is touted to be a mass role. This is first time Priyamani will be seen romancing Nagarjuna in the film. The third release is Sumanth- V.N.Aditya’s ‘Raaj’ where the sexy siren will be seen in a glamorous role. Priyamani is expecting positive talk on all the three films.And now if we take Richa she is having 2 films one with Victory venkatesh in 'Nagavalli' and other with Raviteja in 'Mirapakaya'.This hot babe have debutted in tollywood with the film 'Leader' which was a hit film.We need to wait and see if she makes hat-trick with other two films.These sexy babes are not given fullfledged heroine roles in the films like wise if we take in 'Nagavalli' we have 5 heroines and among them are Anushka and Richa.Even in Raaj we have Vimalaraman along with Priyamani.In Ragada we have Anushka and Priyamani.So in this way They share screen with other heroines as well.So its really tough time for the spicy actresses and we must wait to see who would top the actresses position among the 3 babes.


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