The trend of one hero one heroine has gone even one hero two heroines has also gone and now the latest trend is one hero 3 heroines,Now the tollywood young and top heros are dancing with 3 hot beauties,the multi starrer film has been gone with Anr and Ntr and now its not possible as they are not able to satisfy their egos and if so their is a story it must satisfy the fans so the directors are not interested to take such risks so they totally changed their route as the star heroine are not having any egos or problems in sharing screens with other celebrities,now its the trend of Multistarrer heroines,Cinema is a commercial media and even colorful media in order to make it even more colorful not one heroine in the film or even 2 at a stretch 3 heroines will be seen to make it even more beautiful on the silver screen .At present one hero 3 heroines trend is going on .The film 'Ragada' which is ready for release is having 3 hot actress Anushka,Priyamani,Charmi.Even in 'Ala Modalaindi' we have 3 sexy girls Nitya menon,Sneha Ullal,Kruthikabandan will be seen opposite Nani.Modern Devadas Ram is also romacing 3 heroines in his upcomng film.Even Balakrishna will be romancing 3 hot beauties Amisha patel,Neha dhupia and sheels in his movie 'Paramaveerachakra'.So in this way our tollywood heros ae romancing 3 actresses at a stretch...


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