Latest trend going on in south is that the heroines of south are earning a huge amount from their side business apart from films.Ribbon cutting is the one among many where in they are given a huge amount.Do not think in other sense here ribbon cutting means shop ribbon cuttings.Wide range of saree showrooms,and for outlet related to different companies these heoines are going for ribbon cuttings.Its has become a nice business for them.They take the weekness of the heroines and they invite them,like some of them would like to wear sarees and some love to wear jewellery.If u notice there are lot many heroines in this list like Charmi and Ileana for Big C,homely heroine sneha for Chandana bros sarees,actress richa for Chennai shopping mall,Ileana for Joy Allukas,Hansika for CMR shopping mall,and in same way we have many in the list like hot babe priyamani,Sexy actress tapsee,milky white babe Tamanna and latestly its Nayantara.Depending on the star domthey will be offered from one lakh to 10 lakhs for one ribbon cutting.Even the heroines also found that this is the easy way to earn and so they are also enjoying ribbon cuttings.Coming to the actress swathi,she made her debut as a leading role actress in the Tamil film Subramaniyapuram (2008). Swathi role in the Telugu film Ashta Chamma received critical acclaim.sorces say that she was offered 3 lakhs for a ribbon cutting but then she has rejected the offer as it was not in her agenda.She says that if she would have accepted then her image graph would go down itseems.If she would have accepted the ribbon cutting offers then she would have earned 36 lakh in one year itseems.In this context we can say that she is getting atleast one ribbon cutting in every month.


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