The actress with beautifull face and twinkeling eyes is none other than hot babe Pranitha.She has debuted in tollywood with her film 'Em pillo em pillado' and then she has done a recent movie with lover bot Siddharth 'Baava'.Talking to the media she said that " I was born and brought up in Bangalore.At present im doing my degree.Commerce is my main subject.From my childhood i was very much interested in modelling and acting,and that is the reason i have first started modelling and now its acting.After seeing my ad they have selected me as the heroine of the remake tollywood movie 'Pokiri' in kannada.As u all know 'pokiri' was a super duper hit film in telugu and so with that reason i have immediatley signed the project and entered into film.So i first started my film career in kannada movies.Then i enetered into tollywood.I was very much excited when i stood in front of the camera for shooting.i have been in front of camera may times during modeeling,but then when i stood for a film it was like a new experience to me.Many people have a wrong assumption that heroines are only for exposing.Exposing is nothing wrong but i say no to unneccesary exposing which is not needed.I do not tell that i will not do glamour roles but then i will not cross my limits.Actress Sondarya had a particular style of dressing and acting.She would perfectly be suited to any kind of roles.she is only my role model.Any work must be done with 100% perfection how ever the result might be.That is only my strength.And after entereing to thid feild concentrating on my beauty is more important.So im always keen about taking care of my fitness and for that reason i do aerobics and go to zym also."


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