Victory Venkatesh’s upcoming film “Nagavalli” which is the remake of Kannada super hit Aptha Rakshaka.and follow-up of Chandramukhi. The movie is expected to have several computer graphics and special effects.This sequel to Rajini Kanth’s ‘Chandramukhi’ is getting ready for its release in the first half of December. As per the reports, Venky will be seen in two getups. While the first one is a king role the other one is a psychiatrist. And remembered Rajnikanth’s ‘Laka laka laka laka….’ in ‘Chandramukhi’ that created sensation all over! Now Venkatesh too similarly says ‘Aura aura aura aura….’ in Nagavalli.

Let’s wait and see if it creates same impact for Venky too.P Vasu is directing the movie who earlier gave a super hit like ‘Chanti’ with Venkatesh. Camera is handled by Shyam K Naidu. Music is scored by Guru Kiran.Bellamkonda Suresh is producing the film under Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Movies banner.‘Nagavalli’ has a lengthy list of heroines- Anushka, Richa Gangopadhyay, Kamilini Mukherjee and Sraddha Das are playing the lead roles. The film is hitting the screens on December 2nd.Who is the original ‘Nagavalli’ out of Anushka, Shradda Das, Kamalini Mukerjee, Richa Gangopadhyaya and Poonam Kaur is the million dollar question? However for people who can’t wait for the film to be released, here’s the buzz of original ‘Nagavalli’ making rounds.The entire story of Victory Venkatesh's upcoming 'Nagavalli' revolves around five women. The climax is all about finding who is 'Nagavalli' among the pretty girls Anushka, Shradda Das, Kamalini Mukerjee, Richa Gangopadhyaya and Poonam Kour.

But here are some exclusive insider details of the film.Buzz is that Anushka is donning the role of 'original' Nagavalli, who happens to be a dancer in the court of 'King Venky' four hundred years back. Poonam Kaur is just a supporting character and Kamalini is the dance teacher. So, one can exclude these three from the race in picking who exactly is haunted by Nagavalli. It is only between Richa and Shradda now. The source revealed that 'Shradda Das' is the girl who's haunted by the ghost of that ancient dancer. In the climax scenes, Shradda is said to have given a spine chilling performance in the likes of Jyothika, The Chandramukhi.


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