Happy Birthday Miley...Miley Ray Cyrus is all grown up. The teen pop sensation turns 18 today!Born Destiny Hope Cyrus, she was nicknamed Smiley Рas a baby, she was always smiling. Later, Smiley was shortened to Miley.Daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and Leticia "Tish", Miley suffers from a mild heart condition that isn't dangerous, but can be a bother.Miley's famous dad keeps her company in the starmaking TV show Hannah Montana, as does famous godmother Dolly Parton who gets written into the script often.Miley was bitten by the showbiz bug when she was taken to see a production of Mamma Mia! by her dad. She grabbed his arm and said "This is what I want to do, daddy. I want to be an actress!".She had a teeny role in Tim Burton's Big Fish and then hit the big league aged 12 with her breakthrough role on Disney as Hannah Montana, a school girl with a secret double life as a teen pop star. Miley had auditioned for the role of Hannah's friend Lily, but landed the main part instead.Hannah Montana became an instant hit and propelled Miley to teen idol status.Her first single Best of Both Worlds was also the title track for her show.After Miley's first season as Hannah Montana, there was no looking back. Her life was a blur of world tours, concerts and filming.Her album Meet Miley Cyrus released in 2007 and she broke records a year later with Breakout.But nothing prepared the world for her newest release Can't be Tamed, where she discards her wholesome image for one a little more provocative.Miley's been in the headlines for reasons other than her talent. Jamie Foxx said some nasty things about her on his radio show and she's been getting bad press for her very public attempts to lose the Disney tag.Her performance of Party in the USA at the Teen Choice Awards 2009 was panned by the critics and media alike for it's risqu̩ tone. Miley seems to be in a tearing hurry to grow up and her 'coming of age' stunt's been compared to that of former teen star Britney Spears.Miley's always been popular with the boys. She dated fellow teen idol Nick Jonas of the Jonas Bros.She spent most of 2009 with model Justin Gaston who was 5 years older than she Рpredictably, they split.Miley went on to date her 'first serious boyfriend', and co-star of her film The Last Song, Liam Hemsworth. This rocky saga had them flickering on and off like a dying light bulb and finally called it quits early November 2010.


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