Remember James bond movie Diana the deny born girl Halle Berry 's introductionay scene where in she comes out from swimming pool in a two piece bikini and now Kangana Ranaut ia all set to do the same scene in her upcoming film Rascals.Kangana's this film is her best friend manetha's husband Sanjay Dutt's film.In this film Knagana's introductry scene will happen to be in two piece bikini.She has earlierly given a hot topless scene in her previous movie Fahion but then that was objected by the censor board but this film would be her bikini debut in bollywood.She is hot babe in bollywood who has at first appeared in a micro mini skirt on the screen and created a sensation.This sexy lady is now ready to wear a bikini and in the same way the renumeration she is demanding is also high.Kangana has become still more hotty,she is the heartthrobe many youngsters.Kangana means Bold and Beautifull.She is heroine who has appeared in mini skirts is not new to glamour show,then there is nothing new in lisenting that she would be turning still more naughty.She is the slimest body in bollywood right now.How bold she acted she has never appeared in a bikini.That's why she want to wear a bikini and messmarize her male fans.She would be giving an eye feast to her fans by wearing a bikini in Rascals.As she is having a superb sexy structure she has given green signal to bikini.Kangana has won many awards and she has also won national awards and has given strong compition to her other actresses now she is also competiting with the bollywood actress by wearing a bikini.In bollywood how less the dress will be as much high the renumeration would be.Whatever now the hot babe Kangana would messmarize her fans in two pieces.


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