Bollywood babe hot actress Sushmita sen turned 35 and she has celebrated her birthday with her mom and two adopted daughters."I have entered into films after getting the crown of Miss universe in 1994.I debuted with Mahesh Bhatt 'Dastak' but i was recogmised with the film 'Biwi no 1" and i got image after doing "Main Hoon Na" with Shah Rukh Khan.'Ankhey,main ne pyar kyo kiya are also a good films in my career.Recently i have acted with Actor Anil kapoor in "No Problem" movie.This movie would be released on 10 th of next month. I would be appearing as wife of Anil kapoor who is always doubtfull about her husband.In my real life i have till now not come accross a guy having husband qualities.Marraige is something which happens only once in every ones life.That is the reason its taking a long time to select a correct person. Till i get a correct person im not in a hurry to marry.There is still lot of time for me to get married.Im waiting for a person who would lead his life along with me till the last.I never feel ashamed of to tell that im 35 rather i feel proud of my self.I have two Adopted daughters one is Rini and i have adopted her since 10 years and another one is Alisha whom i adopted just one year back."said Sushmita Sen.


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