Sweet and cute girl kajal who is busy with her schedule wants to give a break to her film career and enjoy her teenage.This spicy actress is getting bored with her regular timetable itseems.This hot babe is now the tollywood and south Indian top actress with hit films in her hand.There were also news that this actress concentrates on story and the role given to her and not on renumeration she is offered.Keeping that aside coming to the matter these days Kajal Agarwal is spending sleepless nights itseems.Love,its a beautifull experience,love is something related to two hearts some people say that its related to two people.When a teenager is asked about love u can see some unknown shine in his or her face.Teenage is the age where people feel that they must give their heart to someone ar to be in someones heart .When Kajal was asked about her love she replied saying that "Love its really a great experience but i dont have any time for love,U can also look at my shcedule where in im spending sleepless night,my schedule is heavily packed.Im having handfull of projects and i have no time to think about my love.And more over im totally concentrating on my career".When asked her that if she would have free time then would she love some one,she replied saying that "We must not fall in love as we have got age.many teenagers do that.They feel that they are youth and they take it as a compition to love someone else.its not correct.Its something related to heart.Its not related to age.I have not yet met a person who is close to my heart,and if i meet so then i must like his tastes,he must understand me,he should take care of me,he must be humorous and loving etc there are many like this.So theirs lot of time for love and at present no love nothing only cinema mania".


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