Allari Naresh,son of director E.V.V.Satyanarayana has proved his acting talent by doing many of the films.He did not mean to act only in action films or love story oriented films,he has acted in a film where in he can entertain the audiance to maximum extent.He has got many flops in the beginning but still he has taken them in a positive way and now he has become a star.He is the best example for the saying Failure is the foot step for success.Comedian artiste, Allari Naresh despite a series of flopshows is sought after by the producer,director,Bhimineni Srinivasa Rao. The producer feels that the character role in the new movie suits Allari Naresh better.The director Bhimineni has earlier directed the movies like "Surya Vamsham","Annavaram".By looking at the previous films he directed we can come to an conclusion that this film would be a family entertaining film.This film is produced by KL Damodar.Allari Naresh’s film Aha Naa Pellanta which has a tag line of match-fixing is ready for release.Ritu is the heroine in this film and this film is being directed by Veerabhadra Chowdhary.Actually this film Aha Naa Pellanta was one the of most hilarious films in Telugu cinema. The movie was produced by D Rama Naidu and directed by Jandhyala.We must wait and watch will Naresh reach the target and make his movie stills more hilarious.His another movie "Kathi Kantha Rao" is also ready for release.So this actor hero is full busy with films in his hand and lets wish him all d best and hope he will do his best.


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