The hot and beautifull actress of south Charmi says that she is always up to date from her childhood,She has a habit of doing todays work today itself and she never waits for tommorrow,and this the secret of her success says charmi.This bubbly actress goes on talking if we just tell her hai,she is very talkative.In these days speaking to one of the newspapers charmi said that "We might waste some thing but we must not waste time beacause its very precious and we cannot get it back."This is the policy followed by her also.She also said that we must never keep pending to do a good work.As much as possible be helpfull to others and do not harm others,This is Charmi's nature.This hot babe also says that we must never pinpoint others mistakes as we do so then we keep on getting many minus about them even a bad person will have a good corner some where or the other.This sexy actress had got a good idea of helping people so she started giving some amount from her earnings to the orphan age.Then immediately she gave away the amount to the orphan age which is near the Nasik road.She felt very proud of herself at that time.This is really a good thing charmi has done.So Charmi fans do follow her time management.


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