There will be a match played by all the celebrities belonging to tamil, telugu, malayalam, hindi, kannada. Previously each wood used to conduct matches themselve seperately and that would be for entertainment purpose and charity purpose.This C.C.L that is Celebrity Cricket League consists of 11 matches totally out of which 10 matches would be played and 1 would be the final match.These matches are totally commercial.This cricket matches would be held in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. This Celebrity Cricket league will be taking place in the month of January. But MAA which is Movie Artist Association has not yet taken any decision itseems. Their is still discussion going among them about this CCL says the MAA President Murali Mohan. This CCL cricket matches will be held in the same way as the IPL matches, For this cricket matches all the Indian stars celebrities actors will be playing. This would be completely commercial and they would entertain the people of Indian and gain profits for film industry.


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