Bollywood actresses are venomous,sultry with enticing looks in bollywood erotic films.There are tastefull intimate scenes ,towel-dropping scenes these alluring beauties act as seductress.Here is some collection of the sensuous babes..have a look at them..

In Jism, Bollywood's very own femme fatale Bipasha Basu raised quite a few eyebrows. The bootylicious babe's portrayal of the sensuous gold digger won a lot of accolades, as did her smoking hot intimate scenes with boyfriend John Abraham.

Nandana Sen did a repeat of the trademark Zeenat Aman transparent saree in Rang Rasiya, and managed to looked equally stunning. Nandana Sen's raw appeal and her luscious locks added just the right zing to this biopic based on painter Raja Ravi Varma's colourful life.

Priyanka Chopra became the first ever 'other woman' to win the Filmfare Best Villain Award for her performance in Aitraaz. As a woman married to an ageing millionaire, she did a convincing job. She came across as a sexually-charged woman who has no qualms about satisfying her desires. The ending was rather sad because the sultry seductress is killed off. We would love to see Priyanka back in a similar role...

Julie left us all stunned as she pranced about bare-backed and had the libido of a teenage boy. And what's more? She was seen carelessly flaunting it. With Neha Dhupia as the seductress, Julie broke quite a few rules.

Dimple Kapadia's sheer carnal appeal as an innocent young girl in Sagar won her a huge fan base. Her ‘towel-dropping' scene with Rishi Kapoor was undoubtedly the perfect comeback after a gap of more than 12 years. But then for an alluring beauty like her, making it big in tinseltown is not too difficult.

With an angelic face like hers, its hard to imagine Katrina Kaif as the' vamp'. But the actress pulled it off quite easily in Boom. She made seduction look like art. Just as aggressively sensuous was her role in the multi-starrer Race. Gyrating to Zara Zara Touch Me she seemed like an on-screen goddess, inaccessible and dangerously bewitching.

Those hypnotising blue eyes spoke of Umrao Jaan's suffering so eloquently that all Aishwarya Rai baiters had to revise their opinion. The role of the tragic woman whose beauty also proves to be her curse was almost tailor-made for Ash. She filled the screen just as beautifully as Rekha, and there is no clear winner here!

Girlfriend went where few Bollywood films had gone before in exploring a homosexual relationship between two women. Different from Deepa Mehta's Fire in the sense that it was not as tastefully done, the film still managed to bring audiences to the theatres with the hype created around its intimate scenes by certain political activists.

Kamasutra wins hands down when it comes to sensuality. So much so that it was entirely banned in India, with the Censor board taking an objection to everything, right from the title to the explicit scenes. The film was released as Maya and Tara in India. Set in ancient India, the movie broke all barriers with its tastefully done intimate scenes, both homosexual and heterosexual. Starring Indira Verma as Maya, the exquisite servant who is a free spirit; Sarita Chaudhary as the jealous beautiful princess yet to find serenity and peace; and Rekha as Rasa Devi who teaches the ancient Indian art of Kamasutra, the movie brings to us an intoxicating cocktail of love, dance and passion.

Supermodel Padma Lakshmi gave sizzling Katrina Kaif a run for her money in Boom as she played the part of an enchantress out to seduce the 'big boys'. The sexy siren beat the other jezebels to the crown as she strutted her stuff in 'barely there' clothes...

In the recent release Hisss Mallika Sherawat will be seen as a snake woman, spewing venom and shedding her skin. 'She's venomous, she's sexy and she'll swallow you whole'... with a tag line like that we can only helplessly imagine ourselves falling into her trap.


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