Star wars are common and always seen in bollywood.The cat fight B-Town Glam dolls are following each other.But this time Surprisingly it has happend between bollywood strong rivals .Yes it was true that the cat fight between the Katrina kapoor and kareena kapoor was known to every one keeping this aside now the latest buzz in bollywood is that these two hot babes are following each other.News is that Kareena who has set a trend of zero size is being followed by her enemy Katrina kaif.These days the Size zero appearence of Katrina kaif was the talk of the town.Looking at the Katrina these days we can come to an conclusion that she is an exact copy of Kareena because Kat in zero size is looking similarly and as a xerox copy of kareena.These days if we look at the Katrina new photoshoot she resembles the bebo zero size photos.There are results saying that bollywood hot actresses Katrina has lost her wieght and tried zero size for her film Tees Maar Khan.Sorces tell that Katrina Kaif is also excited looking at her new look and appearence in the film.And now Kareena has stop following zero size where as the trend started by her is being successfully followed by Katrina kaif.So we can say that Katrina Kaif has taken the place of Kareena Kapoor or Kareena relaced by Katrina.Now Bollywood has got a new Size zero queen.


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