Yes friends,its true,it has been said by none other than hot bollywood actress Deepika Padukone.She said that "He is the future superstar".She is talking about her latest new boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor who have come into her life after a long gap.These both were paired up for the pesi youngisthan ad and they have entertained the bollywood audiances.From then they were hot topics for rumours and newspapers and magazines.As they are family friends they used to go to each others houses daily.They were found together in every party and in pubs.there are rumours going on in bollywood that their is love affair between both of them.Both of them had taken the romours lightly.But suddenly do not know what happend they both stopped talking and meeting for some days.Then all of a sudden coming out of her silence she has given a statement "Ranbir kapoor is the furure superstar of bollywood,and he neednot look back as he is a natural actor and he keeps going on like that".Ranbir is also not less he started praising Deepika saying that "Deepika padukone is not only bold and beautifull but she is heavily talented".He has given lot many compliments about Deepika's beauty.In this way both were praising and complimenting eachother.Hearing to this we can say that they would be acting together in a film.More over the gossips on them would be much more and these two might do ad filims together also do know anything might happen like may be a film or an ad.


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