Bollywood movie 332 Mumbai to India is a thriller movie which is set to release on 03 Dec 2010,the film is directed by Mahesh Pandey and film producer is Sangeeth sivan ,the cast includes Ali Asgar,Chetan Pandit,Vijay Mishra,Sharbani Mukherjee.The story is all about a Boy Rahul Raj.A young guy Rahul Raj hijacks a Bus No.332 plied between Andheri & Kurla in Mumbai. From that point, we are taken into seeing the lives of several characters, and the problems each encounters during that day. A young writer Mahesh who, though an UPite, born and brought up in Mumbai doesn't consider himself an outsider in Mumbai. He considers himself a true Indian and doesn't want himself to be associated with this war of communities. An auto rickshaw driver Ismail who belongs to neither of the community is very poor but poses to be a happy man who believes in living the way life leads to. His philosophy is to keep oneself always ready for anything. A couple Devesh and Pallavi, who are in love, are eye witnesses to the entire hijack of the bus, because they were traveling in the same bus. Sanju, Santosh, Govind studying in Benaras Hindu Vishwavidalaya are thickest of the friends, in spite of Sanju being a Maharashtrian and rest hailing from Bihar. But what happens when they see the news of the bus hijacked by Rahul Raj? In Bihar a 50 year old man of wisdom Thakur baba is scared as his son has gone to Mumbai but while this whole incident is taking place his son is not to be contacted. He fears the worst. When the cops shoot Rahul Raj down and its effect on the above characters makes us think that is this war of communities really worth?


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