There is no difficulty in remaking films i mean we can easily remake tamil to telugu or telugu to tamil.And even the director need not worry much because he need not search for an another story.And coming to acting if we watch the original version of the movie twice or thrice then we can easily act it is also so simple. If we keep on coping some one then what about our won style each individual shoud have there own style actually each of them will be having thei style but they need to recognise that.Even the hot Goa beauty Ileana agrees with this saying that she is not interested in copying or in following some others style.She wants to have her own style.Her upcoming project is Shankar's "3Idiots" ,this movie will be remaked in tamil and telugu when asked her that ,what would be her speciality in doing that role because as this is a remake film she needs to copy the bollywood bebo Kareena kapoor.But the hot actress is not accepting with this and says that "Kareena has acted very well in the movie,i liked her role very much,i have watched the movie twice and i feel really lucky and happy for getting such role but i would not copy her style in any way.If i copy then what would be my speciality i would show the audiance my own style."


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