Lucy Katherine Pinder is a glamour model famous for her large breasts.Lucy Pinder is a British model who was discovered on a beach in the south of England in 2003. She is currently under contract by The Daily Star and appears frequently in the paper, as well as FHM, Nuts Magazine, and Loaded. In a 2007 poll taken by The Daily Star, she was voted to have the most beautiful natural breasts in Great Britain.She started posing topless in April 2007, though she does not appear in full frontal nude photos. A freelance photographer spotted her sunbathing on Bournemouth beach in the summer of 2003; as a result of photographs taken that day, she signed a professional modeling contract with The Daily Star which placed her into the public eye. Pinder has become infamous for her refusal to pose showing her areolae in any photograph, although she often poses topless with her areolae barely covered. She is regularly photographed breast-to-breast with other glamour models including Michelle Marsh and Sophie Howard. She is an ambassador for Kick 4 Life, a charity that uses football to fight poverty and disease in the developing world. She lists some of her dislikes as clowns (especially Pennywise from It) wasps and "sleazy men".


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