Hot sexy spicy Asin stills..she is gorgeous in these stills..Asin told in the beginning that she acted with 2 of the Khan's in bollywood and if she further acts with other 2 khan's she would be luckiest person..but latest bollywood news is that she has rejected to act with "Sharukh khan" even though she got the opportunity..Farah khan is directing a new film named "Happy new year" and she approached "Asin" for heroine role in that film besides Sharukh khan..but Asin said no to her because her call-sheet was not free..but the matter is that she has lost that offer for the sake of "Salman khan" itseems..they both are acting in a film titled "London dreams" the talk is that because of having friendship with Salman khan she rejected the offer of Sharukh khan..what ever here are some latest stills of asin so dont miss them..!!

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  1. marina said...
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    The location of the movies is finalised...they are getting shot in London by Shahrukh Khan company Red Chilies entertainment.

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