Hot sexy actress "Karena kapoor" is casted as heroine besides "Salman khan" in her new film "Mye or Mrs.Khana"...this hot girl is so sexy in these stills..she will surely tempt u all..coming to the matter..this film shooting was going on in Australia itseems and after the shooting "Karena" used to get relaxed by going for shopping alone..and on fine day she went for shopping along with handsome "Salman" and she had an eye on a beautiful valet or bag sort of thing..this bag cost 2.5 actress "Kareena kapoor" went to the counter for paying the bill but she was shocked...because that was already payed by "Salman khan"..she felt so happy and she was surprised by listening hot news is that this hot actress is gifted a bag by "Salmankhan"..we must wait and see how would "Saif Ali khan" react to this..meanwhile u have a look at these hot latest stills of this hot celebrity..!!

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  1. marina said...
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